We get a lot of positive feedback here at and we'd love to share it with you. Here are the things our models, fellow photographers, subscribers to our site, and all around fans say about our work.

"Kelly Lind is one of the best photographers out there. His impact on the fetish and erotica fields is undeniable; not only is his work all but ubiquitous, but his influence is seen far and wide in the work of other photographers." 
Thomas Roche of

"I was first introduced to Kelly's work about a year ago and instantly my jaw dropped.  It was exactly the fusion of fetish and glamour that I have been looking for.  It's sexy, erotic and the textures, colours and smooth skin of his gorgeous models leave you wanting more.  Alex's superior make-up skills and style are inspirational and innovative.  They make an amazing team and they will only continue to grow as creative artists.  Erotique Digitale will constantly push the boundaries of what you think you know about art and porn." 
Megan of
Webmaster and Photographer

"What can I say... The site is a consolidation of Mr. Lind's finest work to date. His accomplishments could have been read from gold manuscripts sent from the Divine, but his photos tell the real tale of his desires and passions. His love for his work: unbound. His creativity: unrelenting. His love of his life: unbelievable. He just dropped a fucking H-Bomb on all the motha-fuckas out there in Fetish Land. If you don't agree... time to take a look at ErotiqueDigitale . You won't find anything like it on the net, but you will find it appealing, provocative, and downright dirty, after you gaze upon his work for hours upon hours. I love that feel. Feelin' durrrrrrty. Hot damn."
Aaron of
Columnist & Fetish Enthusiast

"There are great (albeit boring, cookie-cutter type) photographers aplenty out there, and then there's Kelly Lind. His unique imagery, great eye for detail and masterful use of lighting have resuscitated the world of erotica (much to my delight) in an unexpected, fresh and very welcome way. Combined with Alex LaMarsh's unique approach & impeccable make-up skills, these two are a force to be reckoned with. Of course, it helps that their choice of models is wonderful as well.... :) I still cannot remember how I stumbled upon his profile on LJ, but I'm glad nonetheless. Finding Kelly's first couple of pictures was like hitting a brick wall at 150 mph. That's a *good* thing. Their work inspires a great deal."

"It was my absolute pleasure to have had the chance to be photographed by the industry's best and the most notorious." 

"Kelly and Alex are one of those legendary teams--like Bogie and Bacall, everything they create together has a passion that's rare in these days of wham, bam, thank you m'aam erotic photography. I've literally worked with 100's of photographers & makeup artists, but whenever I'm in Alex's chair--I just know she'll transform me into a glamazon--the magic she creates with her brushes rivals some of the top high fashion makeup artists. Kelly's quick and no-nonsense shooting style has captured his models in a different way than most--raw, uninhibited and full of unbridled emotion--proving that sometimes painstakingly preparing for that "perfect shot" isn't the way to get it--there's something honest in every frame. I always make sure to stop by every time I'm in Los Angeles"
Darenzia of
Fetish Supermodel

"I discovered Kelly Lind's work over a year ago and started modeling solely with the hopes of being in front of his lens. The eroticy and raw sexuality that he is able to draw out of the models he shoots is unparalleled. I must admit that I was quite intimidated to meet him and Alex, but was so pleasantly surprised. Their teamwork is inspiring and their easy going attitudes made the experience as perfect as I had hoped. There is nothing in the world of erotic photography that comes close to what Kelly and Alex are able to accomplish. They have found the way to tiptoe on the line between art and pornography so gracefully that it is erased in the process...only to reveal a perfect woman at a perfect moment. A goal that 95% of erotic photographers fail to accomplish. I feel so proud and honored to have worked with them both."

"Aw damn it!  I just checked out his site again. Every time I look at Kelly's work I'm convinced I should just throw my camera in the garbage. Judging by the amount of women he's worked with I'll bet he's busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking contest. Damn you Kelly Lind - Just don't stop doing what you're doing."
Paul Buceta of
Photographer and Media Personality

"My 2nd shoot was with Kelly and Alex. Alex sat me up in her chair and made me look like a siren, a goddess, a real live porn star!!!! She makes me look sexy, so it's easy for me to play up for the camera. Kelly has an eye for all thing artistic. He shoots at angles that are flawlessly sexy. He knows how to make a woman look good, and he comes up with great ideas and concepts for the shoot. I own very little clothing so I can't make the shoots "all about the outfit." Kelly and Alex work with me on my look to give each shoot its appeal without depending on some sexy lingerie and a hot pair of pumps. When I see the results of a shoot Kelly, Alex and I have done, I literally think that the three of us are going to take over the world one smut lover at a time. I always have a good feeling working with them. I know I will always walk away with gorgeous shots, even if they are just close-ups of my Pink fun."
Ariel X of
Adult Supermodel

"Kelly's chicks are screaming and moving, laughing, writhing, violent, vibrant and bright.  Did I mention hot?  One thing they aren't is passive.  And that's why I wanted to shoot with Kelly.  Because his photos show the tits, and the personality."
Molly Crabapple of
Model & Illustrator

"Kelly Linds site Erotique Digitale is one of the better online erotic photo sites out today. Kelly has a really great style and makes some really kick ass images to look at. His use of dramatic coloring and lighting make his images pop right at you. His shit blows away a lot of the "erotic photographer" wannabes you'll find on the internet these days."
Eddie Guy of
Photographer & Webmaster

"Working with Kelly and Alex is such a fantastic experience.  You can't help but love being completely naked for Kelly and his camera.  In the end, I ended up with some of the best pictures I've ever seen of myself, I'm 100% impressed, pleased and even more fortunate that I get to do it all over again!"

"Working with Kelly & Alex was great! They really do work well together to create interesting and sexy images so that the model can really let loose and enjoy herself! Thanks so much Kelly and Alex - I can't wait to work with you again and again! "
Chrissy Daniels of
Model & Photographer

"kmcl and alex create images that stand out in their own signature style. the photos are vibrant and alive. girls pose in dynamic and sometimes uncomfortable-looking positions wearing slick fashions satisfying several fetish desires or simply nothing at all. from simple sexy scenes to more raunchy masturbatory themes, lavish color and dramatic light remain in constant play while models writhe solo or accompanied by friends. whether you decide to label it erotica-porn-artistic nudes-pin up-fetish or whatever, it's still fucking hot shit and you're going to want to look. plus, Alex does kick ass make up and hardly any of the photos suck - at least the ones with me in them. i even have his photos on my site! "
Kumi of
Model & International Fetish Personality

"Kelly Lind has an amazing and unique style. His photography is vibrant yet dark with a fun and naughty twist. I really enjoy his work and I would definitely enjoy shooting with him again. "
Adriana Sage of

"Kelly and Alex deliver a 1-2 punch of sexy adrenaline-pumping lavish imagery that will knock you right out of your knickers and leave you gasping for more.  A devilish ace with makeup, Alex helps transform each model into multiple personas, while Kelly is quick on the draw with his photographic trigger finger to capture each model's sexiest expressions and movement. is nothing short of a feast for your eyes, as well as your libido. "
Audra of

"Kelly and Alex are endlessly impressive and both technically brilliant. They always allow me to pull the emotions I want to give to the camera and our collaborations are the best in my portfolio. I will always work with them every time Im in Los Angeles."
Aprella of

"Bra-fucking-vo to Kelly and Alex the site is fucking gorgeous, and of course being the egomaniac that I am I was pleased to see my ass and tits all over the place.  Only those models who truly care that they are captured in an amazingly artistic and erotic light know quite how great it is to work with this insanly talented and passionate team. I look forward to any and all of our work to be presented in the Erotique Digitale fashion. Respect!"
Casie of

"Kelly and Alex have the distinct ability to capture the eroticism and uniqueness of the woman inside the feminine form. Seeing the new site reminds me again how I so enjoyed my time shooting with them. I wish them all the greatest success on erotiquedigitale!"
Natasha Sweet of
Model & Dominatrix

"Working with Kelly and Alex is fantastic. Alex's makeup makes me feel incredible and inspired. Kelly is both imaginative and brilliant. They create an atmosphere that breeds fun and freedom which comes across in the images. Being able to shoot with them is on the top of my list. As people they impress me and as artists they blow me away."
Isobel Marion of

"My shoot with Kelly was only my second photoshoot ever, but the pictures are still among my all-time favorites.  I was very lucky to work with such creative people who really opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities of modeling and photography."
Monique Young

"Kelly Lind and Alex LaMarsh are truly a dynamic duo. Alex's superior makeup skills combined with Kelly's eye for beauty and sensuality are a force to be reckoned with! The best photos I've ever done were with Kelly and Alex because they make their shoots so fun and relaxing. I'm looking forward to working with them again in the near future."
Brandy D'vinn of BrandyD'
Model & Photographer

"Kelly Lind is a punk rock wizard."
Dana DeArmond of

"beautiful ... amazing ... notorious ."

"I know you must hear this often-but your work is amazing, Mostly because of your use of colours and light. and your girlfriend/makeup artist? ."
Miss Sara

"Just wanted to say I totally love your work. Your pics of Darenzia are particularly amazing, as are your Aprella ones. Keep up the fucking good work dude!! "

"Your photos are amazing.. the color from the photos is sick. I am glad to see someone that uses a camera as well as you do .. and has talent! ."

"Terrific work. Bob Carlos Clarke finally has a rival. "
Henry Czuprinski

"I think I want to be you when I grow up.."
UnSinn Photography

"You are truly an amazing artist, one of the few greats I just felt compelled to tell you how life inspiring you work is. Your forms and color are so.........I have no words. Thank you for being alive."

"I have been late to work sooo many times because I am paralyzed by pictures you have taken <3 you are by far my favorite girlie photographer "


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